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5 Benefits of Live Online Training

Posted by Jenn | 03.18.20

Live online training offers employers and employees alike many advantages over both traditional classrooms and asynchronous online courses, including cost-efficient, customized learning, and access to industry-leading instructors. In today’s competitive...

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Why In-Person Trainings Work

Posted by Jenn | 03.17.20

Despite all the advances in online training, in-person training remains the most efficient way of teaching employees the skills they need to excel in their job. Off-site in-person training is...

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An Overview of Behavior-Based Safety

Posted by Jenn | 11.14.19

Safety training teaches your workforce what not to do, but mere information is rarely enough to ensure the highest level of safety. Established workplace habits are hard to break, especially...

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Employee Training: Tips to Maximize Knowledge Retention

Posted by John | 08.27.18

In 1885, German psychologist Herman Ebbinghaus created a mathematical model that demonstrates how quickly people forget new information. Called the “forgetting curve,” Ebbinghaus’s model indicates people lose roughly seventy percent...

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5 Signs Your Employees Need More Training

Posted by John | 07.16.18

Signs your employees need training can be subtle, especially if your corporate culture has grown accustomed to working around gaps in skill sets and knowledge. This type of situation invariably...

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Tips for evaluating the effectiveness of your employee training

Posted by John | 06.21.18

Measuring training effectiveness should be part of any training program. What happens in the weeks and months after training reveals whether training has had any lasting changes on your business....

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