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Steps to Complete an Arc Flash Analysis

Posted by Jenn | 10.01.20

While electrical injuries as not as common as other job-related injuries, they are disproportionately dangerous, especially in the case of arc flash incidents. Approximately 2,000 American workers receive burns from...

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What are Approach Boundaries?

Posted by John | 02.06.19

Arc flash describes a dangerous event which occurs when electric current leaves its intended path and arcs through the air until making contact with another conductor or the ground. The...

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Arc Flash PPE Explained

Posted by John | 01.17.19

An arc flash is a potentially destructive workplace accident, capable of causing severe injury and equipment damage in the space of a few seconds. The National Fire Protection Association offers...

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Who's At Risk for Arc Flash Injuries?

Posted by John | 10.24.17

Arc flash is a serious industrial accident where electrical current leaves its intended pathway and travels through the air. Between five to ten arc flash explosions occur in the USA...

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Staying Current on Arc Flash Regulations

Posted by John | 09.19.17

Understanding OSHA arc flash regulations means staying up-to-date on an ever-changing range of safety regulations and recommendations. It’s a complex issue, but given the dangers associated with arc flash, it’s...

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Arc Flash Safety Checklist

Posted by John | 09.12.16

An arc flash event is a dangerous situation occurring when electricity travels through the air to make contact with a conductor or the ground. Arc flashes release exceptionally high heat...

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