Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Live online training combines the convenience of online training with the face-to-face engagement of the traditional classroom. Cost-efficient and customizable to your facility’s needs, virtual instructor-led training (virtual ILT) is also safer for your employees, as they can learn while maintaining appropriate social distancing. 

Reasons to include live training in your online training include:

1. Lower costs than offsite training

    Traditional offsite training has expenses over and above the cost of the actual course. The cost of transporting employees to the course’s location, accommodation, and food can easily equal or surpass the cost of the course itself. Add in productivity lost due to the temporary absence of employees, and offsite training becomes a significant expense.

    Virtual training eliminates most of these costs. There’s no need to worry about travel expenses, and live training courses can be scheduled around your employees’ work duties. 

    2. Employee safety

      The COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on life will be felt for years and has quickly changed how people interact. Social distancing to reduce the risk of infection is important and should be considered when choosing methods of employee instruction. 

      Virtual instructor-led training comes with built-in social distancing. As all interaction takes place online, virtual ILT protects both your employees and the instructor. 

      3. Access to industry experts

        Offsite training is often limited by geographic concerns. Access to the best-qualified instructor may not be possible if the course is offered on the other side of the country — the associated travel costs may be simply too high. Conversely, local instructors may lack the experience or provide the quality instruction you need. 

        Virtual training does not have such problems. As long as your employee has access to a computer, internet connection, webcam, speakers, and a microphone, he or she can take part in live training offered by high-quality instructors from anywhere in the country, or indeed the world.

        4. Teacher/student interaction

          The limitation of traditional online training can challenge even the most skilled instructor. Online forums and message boards are excellent communication systems but no match for face-to-face interaction.

          Video conferencing makes face-to-face teacher/student interaction possible during live online training, allowing students to gain the maximum benefit from real-time class discussions and question and answer sessions. 

          5. Customized live training

            Offsite and traditional online training covers subject topics effectively, but rarely provides information that zeroes in on the specific challenges facing your facility. Virtual instructor-led training can do so. Provide the instructor with information on your equipment, processes, and challenges and the instructor can tailor the course to match your facility’s unique needs. Employees who receive site-specific knowledge and skill training can apply their new knowledge as the course ends, greatly improving your ROI and your employees’ knowledge retention. 

            TPC Training offers live instructor-led training in HVAC, Electrical, Plant Management, Mechanical, and Industrial topics. Our live instructors possess years of experience in their chosen fields and over 200,000 hours of combined teaching experience.

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